Most people have some sort of social networking account these days. But how many are “famous” on these sites. Well today I’ll be giving you some steps to getting Insta-famous (Instagram). 

1. Don’t be afraid to interact with your followers; respond to their comments, like their pictures, comment on their pictures, and follow a few of their friends. 

2. Follow a lot of people to begin with, otherwise people won’t know about your page. 

3. Spam your followers with likes if you are new, they may give you a free shoutout.

4. Scroll down a popular hashtag and like every picture, this will allow hundreds of people to find your page.

5. SFS? Yes, do a shoutout for a shoutout. Once you get a few thousand followers, this can get you another thousand in a day.

6. Post quality work. Nobody wants to see crappy pictures, only post your best, and not too often.

7. Follow all of these steps and become Insta-Famous! (: